Monday, December 04, 2006

Remendando Corazones/ Mending Hearts at SomArts for Day of the Dead, 2006

Somarts is a space in San Francisco dedicated to art.
The "Day of the Dead" was celebrated with an impressive amount of artists.
This day never fails to amaze me, especially within the Mexican culture. The color, the happiness, and how each performance is conceptualized with great emotion.

With Adrian we had the opportunity of presenting a performance which was a celebration to our grandmothers. We made ceviche,and mended hearts while we shared stories, sorrows, and happiness.
In this process we mended our pains that which is borne from the loss of
individuals whose marvelous presence we were fortunate enough to have in our lives.

We all mend hearts. When we love honestly, and what we do; our lives, our friends, the earth, and the art of expressing our talents to the universe.

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